HBC Blockchain 101 – Part2: Importance of blockchain

Importance of blockchain

Blockchain Significance – Why Does it Matter?

In the second video of his series, Dr. Finlow-Bates dives into the significance of blockchain technology, exploring how it stands to reshape our world by focusing on the core idea of decentralized ownership. He carefully dissects this concept, outlining the key elements that define ownership:

  • Asset: The item being owned, whether it’s a purely digital entity or something linked to a physical object.
  • Owner: The individual or entity that holds exclusive ownership rights over the asset.
  • Control: The ability of the owner to manage, utilize, and make decisions about the asset.

Dr. Finlow-Bates then highlights how decentralization

 through blockchain unlocks exciting new possibilities in several key areas:

  • Self-Sovereign Identity: Blockchain provides a pathway for individuals to have complete control over their digital identities. This removes reliance on governments or corporations as identity gatekeepers, giving users greater agency over their data.

  • Digital Assets with Value: Blockchain technology can be used to create unique digital assets with quantifiable real-world financial worth. This could revolutionize ownership structures for art, collectibles, and other digital items.
  • Decentralized Transactions: Blockchain has the power to facilitate direct peer-to-peer transactions, removing the need for intermediaries like banks. This has the potential to reduce transaction costs and eliminate the possibility of censorship by traditional financial institutions.

Importantly, Dr. Finlow-Bates stresses that decentralization doesn’t come without

 considerations. It shifts responsibility onto individuals, introduces new risks, and poses regulatory challenges.


Dr. Finlow-Bates emphasizes that blockchain technology represents a potentially disruptive force in redefining how we approach ownership, transactions, and identity. While challenges exist, the concept of decentralization promises a world of innovative possibilities, increased individual control, and streamlined interactions.

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