HBC Blockchain 101 – Part9 : Why do I think “blockchain is different”?

Why do I think “blockchain is different”?


Keir Finlow-Bates, a seasoned software industry expert, presents the ninth video in a series commissioned by the Helsinki Blockchain Center. In this video, he explores the reasons that have led him to dedicate a large portion of his time to blockchain technology.

Text Analysis:

1. Multifaceted Fascination:

  • Technical Breadth: Unlike other software fields, blockchain stands out for its interdisciplinary nature, combining disciplines such as cryptography, data storage, and peer-to-peer networks. This makes it particularly appealing to engineering minds.
  • Impact on Various Domains: Blockchain offers the potential to revolutionize sectors such as finance, economics, data privacy, and identity, opening up a range of challenges and opportunities.
  • Fundamental Human Questions: The technology raises philosophical questions about value, transactions, and the search for meaning in the digital context, intersecting with sociology, psychology, and philosophy.

2. Uniqueness of Blockchain:

According to Keir, blockchain distinguishes itself from other engineering disciplines by its ability to combine multiple aspects:

  • Breadth of Expertise: It requires a combination of technical, economic, social, and philosophical skills.
  • Reflection on the Human Condition: It questions profound aspects of human behavior, such as value, trust, and interpersonal relationships.

3. Invitation to Discussion:

Keir invites both blockchain enthusiasts and skeptics to share their views, fostering a rich and multifaceted debate on the technology’s potential and challenges.

4. Additional Considerations:

  • Historical Context: The rise of blockchain can be seen as a response to the growing distrust of centralized institutions and the desire for greater individual control in the digital age.
  • Balancing Enthusiasm and Realism: It is important to balance enthusiasm with a critical analysis of the limitations and potential negative consequences of blockchain.


The in-depth analysis of Keir Finlow-Bates’ text highlights how blockchain is a multifaceted technology that attracts due to its interdisciplinary nature, disruptive potential, and ability to question fundamental aspects of the human condition. His openness to dialogue and attention to different perspectives are an invitation to a constructive discussion about the future of this technology.

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