Reforming the Finnish Blockchain Industry

  • We support and assist companies entering the blockchain industry
  • We provide a framework for both domestic and international networking for startup companies in the field
  • We help companies working within blockchain in their expansion efforts, both at home and abroad
  • We act as a reliable and impartial partner in opening up new markets, thereby supporting the export of Finnish know-how to international markets
Creating value to all parties

Creating value to all parties

Our goal is to create a profitable win-win-win situation for all parties in the blockchain project.

We connect you

We connect you

Helsinki Blockchain Center is your gateway to interesting global blockchain projects.

Check out our vision

Before moving on to other videos, check out this stream of consciousness from Keir Finlow-Bates, where he brilliantly summarizes what the Helsinki Blockchain Center is all about and what our vision is.


We work closely with other companies in the private sector, who are also shareholders in HBC and are known as anchor companies.

In addition to these, HBC is in close contact with individuals, groups, and public organizations that work in the field, striving to create an ecosystem that promotes innovation and cooperation in the areas of blockchain and information security in Helsinki and the rest of Finland.

By offering both project and support services, we aim to create a more advanced startup and business community in Finland.

We are also a very active member of the global network of similar companies that includes, for example, a partnership with the Dubai Blockchain Center.

Member of Blockchain Associations Forum!

The Blockchain Associations Forum is a multi-national organization of national blockchain associations driving sustainable growth, responsible development, and evidence-based applications of blockchain

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