HBC Blockchain 101 – Part7 : Blockchain and Identity

Blockchain & Identity 

Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates continues his exploration of blockchain concepts with a focus on identity. He emphasizes how blockchain’s unique properties reshape traditional notions of identity management.

The Importance of Identity Within Blockchain

  • Ownership Foundation: To prove ownership of truly unique, irreplaceable digital assets (think digital artwork or rare collectibles), blockchain systems must first establish clear identity and ownership rights.
  • Ease of Use: Blockchain simplifies identity. Like a bank account, a blockchain identity is easy to generate but uniquely yours.

Rethinking Identity: Decentralization vs. Central Control

  • The Shift of Power: Unlike most digital identity systems, blockchain removes central authorities. You create your identity, not an institution.
  • Fighting Censorship: This decentralization grants a level of censorship resistance. In networks like Bitcoin, no one can deny you the right to participate based on your identity.

The Big Picture: Potential Beyond the Obvious

Dr. Finlow-Bates notes that blockchain’s identity features extend beyond basic ownership tracking:

  • Self-Sovereignty: True control over your digital identity opens doors to choosing which data you share and with whom.
  • Reimagined Systems: Imagine applying this level of autonomy to voting systems, medical records, or any situation where trust and verifiable identity are paramount.
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