BCBsec and Forging a Secure Blockchain Future


The blockchain landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses need partners who can navigate its complexities while ensuring the highest levels of security and profitability of business operations. That’s where the exciting collaboration between BCBsec, a trailblazing enterprise blockchain solution company, and the renowned Helsinki Blockchain Center comes into play.

Who is BCBsec?

BCBsec is a Finnish company specializing in enterprise blockchain solutions. They understand that the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology hinges on robust security measures and highly intelligent solutions tailored for real-world business applications. Recognizing the critical importance of data privacy and security in the business landscape, BCBsec offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Blockchain Platform and Software Development:Secure enterprise blockchain solutions ensuring data integrity and robust security measures.
  • Blockchain Integrations:Seamless enterprise blockchain integrations with enhanced security for secure, interconnected systems. 
  • Blockchain Maintenance and Network Management Services: Better enterprise blockchain security solutions and optimal business value through robust network management and maintenance.
  • Hosting Services: Secure, highly scalable and robust enterprise blockchain performance on secure, scalable servers for seamless and efficient operations.
  • Blockchain Governance and Compliance Services: Comprehensive blockchain governance services that ensure blockchain power structures, governance, and legal frameworks are clearly defined and efficiently implemented.

BCBsec’s Pioneering Work

BCBsec’s commitment to blockchain security is evident in their innovative projects, such as:

  • Proprietary Blockchain Platforms: Development of secure and customizable blockchain platforms for businesses.
  • Security Solutions for Tracking and Supply Chain Management: Implementation of robust security measures to protect and monitor sensitive data throughout the supply chain on the blockchain.
  • Circular Economy Tokenization: Partnering to develop blockchain solutions that support sustainable practices and resource management in the circular economy.

The Team Behind BCBsec

BCBsec boasts a team of seasoned security experts and blockchain enthusiasts. Key individuals include:

  • CEO: Turkka Rantanen (turkka.rantanen@bcbsec.com)
  • CMO: Krister Orre (krister.orre@bcbsec.com)
  • CTO: Jesse Juvonen
  • Head Legal Counsel: Kari Toivanen
  • System Architect: Jacob Mickelsson 
  • Legal Counsel: Eleanoora Toivanen

Why the Helsinki Blockchain Center?

The Helsinki Blockchain Center is a thriving hub for blockchain research, education, and development. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the center plays a crucial role in driving blockchain innovation in Finland and beyond.

The Partnership: A Secure Alliance

This strategic partnership merges BCBsec’s specialized security expertise with the Helsinki Blockchain Center’s extensive blockchain network and resources. Together, they offer:

  • Enhanced Security Solutions: A comprehensive suite of security services tailored to the unique needs of blockchain projects.
  • Cutting-Edge Research: Collaborative research initiatives to advance blockchain security best practices.
  • Community Engagement: Workshops, seminars, and events to educate and raise awareness about blockchain security.

The Future: Building Trust in Blockchain

The collaboration between BCBsec and the Helsinki Blockchain Center is poised to strengthen trust in blockchain technology. By addressing security concerns head-on, they pave the way for widespread adoption and innovation in the blockchain space.

Are you ready to secure your blockchain project?

Let’s build a secure and trustworthy blockchain future together.

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