Instructions for writing a post

IMPORTANT – When writing a post to HBC site you are bound to some rules. Please read the following instructions and tips for a good post. 

No advertising!!!

These blog posts are not for advertising your product or service. These are to educate and share knowledge with the masses.

However, you are allowed to end the article for example something like this: “The writer works as a legal advisor for the company XYZ. Read more about the company from here:

Tips for post title.

Keep it short and try to make it as appealing regarding your post content as you can.

Post featured image:

If you have an image that you want to use as a featured image on your post we suggest use images less than 300 Kb.

You might want to reduce your image file size here

Post author name:

Your name and only name. Nothing else. Your name will appear on a post as “Written by: Firstname Lastname”

Job title:

It´s your choice how you want to brand yourself. 

Post excerpt:

This is the first paragraph of your post. Try to make it as interesting as you can. This is the part where the article consumer makes a decision to read on or ditch your post.

20 first words of your excerpt are the most crucial as they appear as excerpts on posts archive.

Post content:


Article lenght:

A good blog post exceeds 600 words. This way search engines rank the article a little bit better.

Divide your article into short paragraphs like 8 to 12 lines, this way the article would not be so “heavy” to read.


You can use images inside the post content. To align the image, first, click on it and then select from the opening menu the desired alignment.


Use only subheadings #3 and #4 in your post.


Always give credit to the original writer of the content. This way HBC will gain a solid reputation as a fair player.